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dog armour pro anti-bite protections

sleeve 2.0 dpg armour pro

Sleeve protection for k9 handlers, k9 decoys, civilian traning, mondioring…


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dog armour protecciones interiores para profesionales caninos, mondioring, adiestradores, figurantes

Inner leg for k9 handlers, k9 decoys, mondioring, civil traning……..


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K2 anti-bite vests

dog armour K2 anti bite vest

K2 blue anti-bite protection vest


dog armour K2 anti bite vest

K2 pink anti-bite protection vest


dog armour K2 anti bite vest

K2 green anti-bite protection vest


dog armour K2 anti bite vest

K2 orange anti-bite protection vest


dog armour K2 - guia de tallas
dog armour - size guide

All of our products have been designed and manufactured with the invaluable help, and collaboration, of some of the nation’s foremost experts in dog training, monitoring, and security services.

Dog armor dog clothes. K2 anti-bite protection vests for dogs

Made with the latest generation textile fibers and applying nanotechnology, the dog armor anti-bite protection vest will protect your dog from possible aggression from other dogs, turning your walks into safer walks so that both of you can fully enjoy them.


  • Anti bite and anti penetration, anti thorns, wires…
  • They protect against thorns, branches, wires… Double layer Raincoat Light Inner lining in breathable fabric
  • Adjustable by velcro Extremely strong and durable modern and current design
  • Washable up to 60º

Usage and Specifications:

Use in daily walks through parks, canine recreation areas, pipican, etc. Very useful in field trips, as well as in excursions to the mountains and places where we can find unknown dogs, cattle herding dogs, etc., etc., placing it under your dog’s harness, or even without wearing a dog harness, only wearing our anti-bite, anti-penetration, anti-chafing protection k2 vest….. Available in:

– XS (25-27cm)

– S (30-33cm)

– M (35-38cm)

– L (39-41cm)

The cm of the sizes refer to the length of the back, counting from the bottom of the neck to the beginning of the tail, neck contour and chest contour.

Measure your dog and choose the size that best suits his measurements. Check the size guide here

Sleeve and leg protections for K9 handlers, K9 decoys, canine trainers, extras, mondioring, french ring…

The dog armour anti-bite protection sleeves and legs, thanks to their anti-penetration characteristics, lightness, and breathability, are designed as perfect complement for K9 handlers, K9 decoys, professional trainers, extras, mondioring….

They are equipped with an inner lining that is very pleasant in contact with the skin, which in addition to not penetrating the dog’s teeth, helps to distribute and diffuse the pressure exerted by its jaw.


  • New velcro system much more robust and protected.
  • New inner fabric that will help further dissipate the dog’s bite, thus being able to use the sleeve both for civil training and under a suit.
  • Light and confortable.
  • Made with textile nanotechnology.
  • Anti-bite and anti-penetration fabric, avoiding pain and bruising.
  • Breathable, they prevent and eliminate sweating on the arms.
  • Flexible and light, they do not impede the mobility of the arm itself.
  • Inner lining.

dog armour pro sleeve 2.0

dog armour news

New sleeve dog armour pro 2.0

New sleeve dog armour pro 2.0

Made with the latest generation textile fibers, and applying nanotechnology, the new version 2.0 of our inner leg protection for dogs will help you in the daily training of your dog in a safe way, also being a very pleasant fabric for the dog's mouth thanks to its...

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Anti-bite and anti-penetration fabrics

Anti-bite and anti-penetration fabrics

At dog armour we have subjected our fabrics to all kinds of penetration tests, with the aim of ensuring the dissipation of the dog's own bite, as well as avoiding any other penetration that may be caused by wires, spikes, thorns, thus ensuring everything possible the...

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Vests and clothes for dogs 100% waterproof

Vests and clothes for dogs 100% waterproof

Do you want to protect your dog from bites, chafing..., and also protect him from the rain? All the vests that we design and manufacture are completely waterproof, which will keep your best friend free from those wet spots on rainy days. Dog armour vests and clothes...

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