About us

We are a Spanish company that loves animals, especially dogs, and is committed to their well-being.

About a year ago, and after witnessing a nasty altercation between several dogs of different breeds in a dog recreation area, we realized the vulnerability of small and medium-sized dogs against other types of larger and more powerful breeds.

It was at that moment when the idea arose of developing a product that would help protect those most vulnerable breeds of dogs, making the decision to get down to work, thus beginning an exciting project with a clear objective, to manufacture and bring out the sale of the first anti-bite protective vest for dogs designed and manufactured 100% in Spain.

A year later, and after hard work searching for effective and functional fabrics, as well as carrying out all kinds of tests and trials with professionals in the canine sector (trainers, security professionals, mondioring professionals, etc.), we got what we were looking for. , a product of the highest quality, developed with textile nanotechnology, whose main characteristics are: anti-penetration, anti-cut, extremely light, waterproof and breathable, with the addition of being entirely developed and manufactured in Spain.

With this fabric, we also manufacture anti-bite protective vests for dogs, sleeves and legs as hidden protection for professional trainers and mondioring.

Throughout this process we have been advised by the best professionals in the sector, and their contributions and recommendations have been essential for the final result, in such a way that without their invaluable collaboration everything would have been more complicated.

As a final result, it makes us feel very satisfied to be able to contribute our grain of sand to this exciting and wonderful world, and thereby contribute to the happiness and well-being of our best friends, dogs.